#CeaseConstantCalorieCounting Nutrition Course

Sick of counting calories but don't know how to stop?

FREE 6-Day Nutrition Course to #CeaseConstantCalorieCounting

Learn to STOP counting calories and stop obsessing about food without losing control of your eating. Tools delivered right to your inbox daily.

In this FREE nutrition course, you'll learn to: 

  • Identify how much to eat without measuring, tracking, or counting
  • Feel hungry without stressing that you'll overeat
  • Understand how many times per day you should eat
  • Stop depriving yourself in the name of weight loss
  • Stop obsessing over the numbers and automate your eating 

The FREE Course Starts on April 17!


Why #CeaseConstantCalorieCounting?

I talk to women all the time who are obsessed with counting, tracking, and measuring their food. They absolutely hate feeling tethered to their MyFitnessPal app and constantly calculating their daily intake but don’t know what to do when they aren’t counting. As soon as they try and stop, they’re overcome with anxiety and fear. 

Fear that the weight will come back.

Fear that they’ll lose control.

Fear that they don’t know how much to eat without counting.

Fear that there’s no other way to achieve results.

My friend, there IS an alternative. It IS possible to quit counting calories and and feel in control of your eating. And I want to show you how. This is why I’ve created my weeklong nutrition e-course to for automated eating. 

I’ve taken all of my top solutions that have helped me and my clients break away from calorie counting obsession and will share them with you. Over six days, I’m going to share six super simple guidelines--not rules--that will help you still feel in control of your eating but not have to be so obsessed with the numbers anymore. By the end of the week, I’ll teach you another way to be in control of your eating, without obsession, counting, or tracking. 

Sign ups for this FREE course CLOSE on April 16 at midnight and we start together on April 17, so sign up NOW!

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